<APPLET code="Lake.class" id=Lake width="482" height="192">
<PARAM name=image value="Avslogo.gif"></APPLET>


A browser needs to be java enabled for this applet to run. I doubt even the image would show for a browser that isn't enabled.

Notice the line with Lake.class doubles the pixel height of the image. If your image seems to jerk from the bottom revealing the background, don't quite double your images height. The width should be the same as your image.

At this demo, the files, Lake.class and Avslogo.gif, are in the same directory as this .htm page, but you can tell the browser to look elsewhere for Lake.class, or the image. You can change the code to reflect where to look for the files by changing the path where the ?s are. Deleting the word code=, and substituting CODEBASE="????/", as shown below. Also add the path in front of the image files name if it's also located elsewhere.


<APPLET CODEBASE="????/" code=Lake.class id=Lake width="482" height="192">
<PARAM name=image value="????/Avslogo.gif"></APPLET>


Would you like to download the files I've used here?
If you're planning on taking images to archive for downloading from your own site, please contact me first.

Lake.class Netscape users - Rt click, then use "Save link as".
If the Lake.class file downloads as Lake.exe, rename it Lake.class. Big L, small c.
With these files, a left click will do just fine.

Class01.jpg 1st page image, W 600 H 200.

Class02.jpg 2nd page image, W 392 H 199.

Class03.jpg 3rd page image, W 328 H 198.

Class04.jpg 4th page image, W 600 H 100.

Class05.jpg 5th page image, W 265 H 150.

Class06.jpg 6th page image, W 368 H 158.

Class07.jpg 7th page image, W 400 H 160.

Class08.jpg 8th page image, W 400 H 200.

Class09.jpg 9th page image, W 360 H 136.

Class10.jpg 10th page image, W 320 H 189.

Class11.jpg 11th page image, W 300 H 201.

Class12.jpg 12th page image, W 300 H 193.

Class13.jpg 13th page image, W 275 H 168.

Although there are no preconditions to using these images, I would sure appreciate it if you made a link back to my site from yours.