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You'll need three items to get this running on your own site. A background image, the foreground image, and lastly the java files. The background image, Clouds.gif, you can grab from here. The P-38.gif is also available from here. The java files are here in a zip file. You need to place all these files in the same directory for all this to work. The java files are VERY sensitive to using the wrong case letters in their names. I suggest you unzip them right where you want to store them. Sometimes letters cases are changed when files are moved. Just below is the HTML to include on your page.

<applet code="fxText.class" width=500 height=200>
<param name=BACKGROUND value="Clouds.gif">
<param name=FOREGROUND value="P-38a.gif">

After your files are all ready to go, check their names to make sure all your files are using the proper case letters. Note the upper case Ls and Ts in the middle of some file names. .The zipped java files also contain a demonstration on an HTML page to show you that it's working. The fxtext.zip file contains these files.


When all else fails, please read the following instructions very carefully.

fxText - Special Text Effects

by Bill Giel
Version 1.2, 22 Nov 1996
Note: Viewing requires a Java-capable browser
The fxText Applet provides for interesting text or visual effects by scrolling a background image "behind" a foreground image with transparent areas. The image also acts as a navigator, by responding to clicks to load the browser with a specified URL.
Download... fxText Applet - source code and binaries (Freeware)

HTML Applet Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
WIDTHintapplet width in pixels (should equal the foreground image width)
HEIGHTintapplet height in pixels (should equal the foreground image height)
BACKGROUNDstringthe .GIF image for the background.
FOREGROUNDstringthe .GIF image of the foreground.
HYPERLINKstringCan be linked to another URL.

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