My house just north of Glenn.

This used to be the Glenn gas station. When we got there it had flat roofs and no facade on the fire station re-creation.

I did the ornimental work and railings on this one in Glenn too.

My brother and I and a helper build this one behind the South Haven courthouse.

This is one of the houseboats another brother and I built recently.

About 20 years ago we built these units on the beach in So. Haven. By the way, these were done in the winter.

I worked for three winters constructing in Old Harbor, pretty much a building a winter.

We built the three fireplaces then bricked this house out on Pullman road.

We did this real stone entrance on the end of North Shore Dr.

We bricked these two garages with curved entries on North Shore Dr. also.

Here's a few links to some of my other projects.
My spiral stair pages. Here you can see several of the 45 or so wood spiral stairs I've built as well as some my customers have completed.

Stair link Some of my computer CAD work is there too. Renders link

I spend close to 5 months helping with the aluminum fabrication on this boat before working the interior woodwork. (Fourth box down the page). Dave Grows aluminum boat

This was a CAD workup for a rectangular spiral I was fooling around with. I model using Rhinoceros available through

I CAD designed this one for a lady in Texas. Don't know if she ever built it.

Here I put a rendering right on the house plan. The builder couldn't picture the way the landing and first tread would work.

I often use renderings to illustrate details.

Limestone fireplaces. That's not a reflection in the glass, there's another fireplace on the exterior.

We topped it out at just over 35 feet high. The roofers have yet to plug in the flashing.

I was the assembly contractor on these domes near South Haven.

The precast basement by Superior Walls, and the platform were done by others. One of my brothers is finishing the interior rough-in right now.

With the additions we built on each end it totaled 104 feet long.

When the weather breaks around here, we'll be going back to stucco the straight sections as well at the 4 foot band encompassing the domes.

This was the first of two signs we made the stone work for as well as assembling and installing the sign portion.